About: Biography


Conor is a committed visual storyteller that produces compelling and intimate stories using photography and moving image. Since a teenager, Conor has had a deep passion for social justice and soon after when he first picked up a camera he realised the potential to combine storytelling and social justice. 

Conor tells personal stories primarily focused on exploring the human experience within a wide range of social, cultural and environmental contexts. His work has been published and exhibited widely. 

Conor also regularly works for international organisations and intergovernmental bodies in both the development and humanitarian spaces. He is regularly engaged on photo assignments and creating compelling films around the world. Increasingly he is working with projects to develop and deliver strategic storytelling and communications training as well as tofacilitate participatory visual storytelling workshops for communities.  

Conor’s practice is strongly informed by his background in community development and extensive experience working in over 50 countries. He regularly undertakes large projects for institutions and has just completed an international exhibition and book for the Marist Brothers Institute as they celebrated their bicentenary.