About: Biography


Conor is a committed visual storyteller that produces compelling and intimate projects throughout the world. Since a teenager Conor has had a deep passion for social justice, when he first picked up a camera he realised the potential to combine storytelling and social justice. 

Conor tells personal stories through both photography and video. His work examines the human experience within a wide range of social, cultural and environmental contexts. His work has been published in international media including The New York Times, Al Jazeera, The Guardian, Le Monde, Sydney Morning Herald, The Big Issue, Huck and The Age. 

Conor works for international NGO’s and intergovernmental bodies in the development and humanitarian spaces. He is engaged on photo assignments, creating strategic video stories, developing and delivering training as well as facilitating participatory visual storytelling workshops. His clients include Red Cross, The World Bank, UNICEF, WHO, Oxfam, ACIAR, Greenpeace and Marist Solidarity. Conor also regularly presents as a guest speaker and workshop facilitator around the world. 

Conor’s practice is strongly informed by his foundation in community development and extensive experience working in over 50 countries. He regularly undertakes large projects for institutions, currently he is exhibiting and publishing a book on a commissioned project for the Marist Brothers International celebrating their bicentenary. 

Conor currently lives between the United Kingdom and Australia.  

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